Cultural & Racial Diversity

You are together and committed. You and your partner are beyond negotiating who takes out the trash and are working hard to build a life together. But still, something is in the way. Stressful conversations about seemingly mundane or obvious things take up way too much time. Things that are important to you do not seem as important to your partner, even if your partner stands to benefit! So what’s going on? Why can’t you seem to get on the same page? 


Diversity. Diversity of cultural racial background between you and your partner could be the key. You each have had an extremely personal life-experience which has shaped your values system. What you personally value does not always translate to what “WE” value. 

At Counseling SDC we provide short term couples/partners counseling to help bridge the divide. Counseling can help you and your partner wade through the emotions and confusion and get to the differing core values. Counseling will provide guidance on ways to communicate more effectively, reduce argument and increase understanding.