Interfaith Couples

Couples with religiously diverse backgrounds experience times when the beliefs, and coinciding behaviors, do not mix well. The thought of oil and vinegar comes to mind. However, they are really micro-cosmos of what we hope the future will be. More people coming together, finding love and blurring the lines. The main goal of Interfaith counseling is typically preventative. Counseling SDC recommends interfaith couples who struggle should seek help as soon as possible. Counseling can help you and your partner discuss and anticipate interfaith difficulties in the relationship. Schedule a consultation today and we can discuss your relationship goals.

Interfaith relationships are special and represent the future of relationships.

At the same time, Interfaith relationships can also represent challenges. Not everything is so easy to navigate. Religion represents so many things to people it can become emotional just talking about it. One trigger can be differing holidays and traditions. Relationships with different family member can be strained and stretched to their limits, but this only reflect the surface. Interfaith relationships are forced to make many choices others do not have to even think about. Counseling will help couples go beyond simply reacting to the words thrown at each other when disagreeing and face the issues at hand. In relationships with inter-sectioning faiths, it is integrative to clarify your identify and prioritize your cultural codes. At the same time, your partner will expect space to do the same. This give and take is what makes your relationship so unique and special. Counseling can provide space for “experimentation” and “experience” in each other’s faith and open clear communication. Share your histories and identify important aspects that may currently play a role in how you interpret your relationship experience.