Counseling for Couples with Medical Challenges

Either way, fulfilling your love and commitment to them was never a question. Everything from re-arranging the schedule to removing items from the family diet. Sometimes it means having multiple caregivers, social workers and nurses in and out of the home. Sometimes it means you both feel so alone.

All these things are taxing on the relationship. The illness can start to feel like a third person who requires time, thought and energy. Persistent, nagging and annoying this Importunate Factor in your relationship is taxing. Worrying about the diagnosis itself and dealing with daily symptoms or treatment. Even medications can play a role on energy levels and you or your partner(s) ability to show interest in the other.

At Counseling SDC we treat your relationship as just that, YOUR RELATIONSHIP. It should be protected and treated as the unique experience it is. Don’t let Importunate Factors unsettle your foundation and get in the way of your relationship. Marriage and Family counseling can help.


Spend real time coming together and healing your love.



Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Some Unique Relationship Challenges Might Include:

Partner(s) with unique routines due to illness

Partner(s) with frequent Medical Crisis

Regularly having other people in your privates spaces (like services in the home)

Frequent emotionally and physically taxing conversations about care and treatment