Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Therapy Services

Going through a separation and feel out of control?

Want to do things civilly and control the divorce process?

Are you and your partner ready to divorce and move on in the healthiest way possible?


Collaborative Divorce is an out of court legal process. A team of specially trained legal, financial, and mental health experts work together in a safe and amicable environment. They guide separating couples options for reasonably dividing marital estate. During the process each spouse will develop the necessary skills to live independent of one another, share children, maintain the integrity of family relationships, and move on, in peace.

Options list for couples considering separation

Collaborative Therapy with Counseling SDC

Solution Focused therapy will be used in your sessions to help drill down to the heart of issues. Solution focused therapy (SFBT) is one of the world’s most widely used therapeutic treatments. Unlike traditional forms of therapy that take time to analyze problems, pathology, and past life events, SFBT concentrates on finding solutions in the present and exploring one’s hope for the future in order to find a quick and pragmatic resolution of one’s problems.

During sessions, you will identify your why. You will explore options toward solutions. With solution focused therapy you will be able to implement decisions with confidence and take action in your divorce. Sessions are short and short term. As part of the collaborative team, a collaborative therapist works closely to stay on track in your sessions. Collaborative therapists can help keep you accountable to the divorce process and more importantly, true to yourself.




Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Did you know, high emotions, impulsive and irrational behavior, trauma responses and c0nfusion are normal? During the divorce process, some our worst nightmares are coming true. Collaborative divorce process can help you take a time out to address emotional concerns. Frequently, expenses rack up in divorce, as people are un-certain about their desires and needs. While people think and argue, their attorneys make money. Collaborative therapy can help you get to our “why” sooner by addressing the underlying emotions and thoughts. Therapy will help you to confidently make decisions that satisfy.

Control your divorce with the mediation process.

This is the end of one relationship and beginning of another with your previous partner.