About Our Practice

Welcome to the practice,

A little bit about the history of Counseling SDC. It started with a conversation between two therapists. Kathryn, with a history of providing counseling to the community through hospitals and non-profit entities. Michelle, with a history of counseling the community through large local and national corporations. Both worked tirelessly to meet the needs of clients but battled against limitations. They saw, diagnosed, and treated! But, something was missing. There was no freedom to personally connect and bring humanity into the therapy room. Therapy was more about reaching goals and following insurance protocols.


Not a lot of space in BIG counseling to reach clients as a whole person!


On a lunch break one day, Kathryn and Michelle decided to create a private practice. A practice focused on relationships. First, the relationship between therapist and client in an environment where the whole person can be acknowledged. An environment of limitless possibilities to assess and meet client needs. Second, the quality of the relationships in the community. The practice would be called Counseling SDC (for San Diego County their hometown!). Kathryn and Michelle specialize in treating ages 5+ with interpersonal relationship concerns. 


Counseling SDC was developed to mitigate two large barriers to treatment.  

1. Connecting to the person who is supposed to be helping

2. Receiving counseling without an official or "severe" enough diagnosis

With Counseling SDC these barriers do not exist. Counseling SDC takes limited insurance to reduce the involvement of 3rd parties in treatment. Diagnosis is not necessary to receive treatment. Kathryn and Michelle work diligently to make sure every client has an individualized plan tailored to the whole person. This means, clients are involved in the planning process and are not limited to a pre-determined number of sessions.




Our Values 



Counseling SDC Values Technology and we use it to empower our clients. We offer tele-counseling options for all levels of therapy


Counseling SDC Values your Trust and Privacy. That is why we do not submit any of your session note documentation to a third party biller, insurance or private payers. 


Counseling SDC Values Communication! That is why our website is available for scheduling 24/7. We also offer a free 10 minute consultation appointment to assess your counseling needs. 


Counseling SDC Values Risk-taking. Getting more information from our website today is taking a risk. We appreciate that about you. 


Counseling SDC Values Competency and Efficiency. We commit to always have the most up-to-date training and certifications possible. We pledge to personally tailor treatment to your needs.


Treatment Models

Counseling SDC is a private counseling practice focused on ALL relationships, including the one you have with the counselor you see. Although we utilize several practice models to understand and develop individualized counseling directives, our services start with the relationship we build with you. From the first time you speak with us, to the final session; we want this to be personal. There is no theory, practice model, technique or word of wisdom that can teach what it takes to help someone feel they are making a connection with their counselor.

Our treatment approach, at it's base, is Cognitive Behavioral Interpersonal. This structured system integrates emotional intelligence (EI), neurological and biological components and mindfulness techniques (Cordier & Tampi, 2016). Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also focuses on the interpersonal connection and delivery of counseling and psycho-education from your clinician. If you do not like the counselor, learning and growth is highly improbable. Cognitive Behavioral Interpersonal therapy accounts for history of interpersonal interaction and attachment styles.

Couples and families will be exposed to a Psychodynamic and PACT therapeutic approach. These approaches address the whole person system and account for historical trauma and attachment. Have you gone to therapy before and worked on one aspect of your relationship, only to find there are other issues at play? Counseling SDC relationship therapy practices are aimed at addressing core issues and go beyond the surface.

In addition to these general practice models, at Counseling SDC we encourage all of our counselors to obtain education and certification in other areas to enrich the counseling experience. Please see the ​clinicians​ ​page for more information about individual counselor modalities and training.



"People with greater social support, less isolation, and greater interpersonal trust live longer and healthier lives than those who are socially isolated. Neighborhoods richer in social capital provide residents with greater access to support and resources than those with less social capital."​​