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Kathryn Krug, LMFT, CCFP

Hello. Welcome to our practice. I am glad you have the chance to meet me here. Schedule an appointment so we can start working toward your personal goals today. I look forward to meeting you.

Kathryn Krug is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in San Diego, California. She is the President-Elect of San Diego Chapter of Marriage and Family Therapists and teaches relationship and family courses as adjunct professor of Sociology at Vincennes University (San Diego).

Kathryn graduated from California Baptist University in 2010 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with emphasis in Life Span Development. She went on to graduate, with honors, from University of Phoenix in 2014 with a Master of Science in Counseling; Marriage and Family Therapy.

I have over 7 years experience working with couples, families and individuals through interpersonal relationships. I provide counseling using a psychodynamic approach. I tailor my therapy to meet the needs of the relationship. I am client focused and centered. My counseling follows a loose structure with enough flexibility to expand to any needs and enough rigidity to keep the purpose of our meetings centered. I believe that relationship counseling is for anyone, no matter the stage of the relationship.






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Kathryn is a relationship specialist

Potential Clients

Do you struggle in you and your partner struggle in your intimate relationship? Do you find it difficult to get close to them? Do you find when you get close, he/she might pull away? Are you and your partner going through a major change in the relationship?
Counseling can help to create the relationship experience you deserve. Move past words and identify the real issues.

I believe EVERYTHING has a reason and nobody is broken. Society is based on the primary relationships we have with each other and out ability to manage them. To me, that means all relationships are important. The success each of us has in life is dependent on the relationships we had along the way. Every person deserves a relationship that boosts their life experience and satisfaction. When we get into relationships with others, the things we experience are the sum of many parts. I believe, when we know the parts and how they work, we can organize a relationship system that works tailored to the experience we desire.


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Kathryn is a trauma specialist