Work Relationships

Are you a professional in a career that requires regular interpersonal interaction? 

Do you feel a lack of comradery with your workmates? 



There are many types of relationships and interpersonal transactions we take part in each day. If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety or depression diagnosis managing those symptoms in professional relationships can be key to your career. Developing professional relationships with other takes interpersonal skills and awareness of ones strengths and weaknesses. Whether it is working together with a group or developing skills for 1:1 interactions, counseling can help you develop confidence in your professional life. 


Some common reasons to seek individual counseling for workplace issues:

Transition to management from entry level position within the same team

Conflict with management or administration

Managing symptoms in the workplace

Maintaining a balance between professional and family life

Gain insight into the internal process working in your psyche during interactions with others



"Coming together is an beginning; keeping together is progress: working together is success."

- Henry Ford