Kathryn Krug

Hello. Welcome to our practice. I am glad you have the chance to meet me here. Schedule an appointment so we can start working toward your personal goals today. I look forward to meeting you.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples who experience interpersonal conflicts. I use a psychodynamic and attachment approach to therapy that includes your past as much as your present. You can expect a goal directed approach to manage emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Together we will co-explore your history and identify subconscious patterns.

Kathryn Krug LMFT, CCFP, CTS, CCM

Therapy Goals

My main goal as your therapist is to get to know you. Therapy can help to demystify things and integrate your mind and body. I like to work with others to develop practical skills. Skills that can be used to manage overwhelming feelings and to control behaviors that often cause interpersonal issues to increase. I believe our mind develops a rolling narrative of life, a version that we actively accept which aligns with how we feel. We get stuck when we cannot look at life with a subjective lens.

Sessions with me include psychodynamic approach with CBIT and DBT exercises and experiences. I use tools in session to help provoke cognitive shifts such as role plays, worksheets and experiments.

So far, the most profound thing I have learned as a licensed therapist is: Therapy is a transient process where clients simply come in, get help and move on. 

Working with Trauma

I use a narrative exposure and CBIT to support clients with trauma histories. Along with somatic theory my approach is especially recommended for individuals who struggle with complex, historical or multiple traumas. During this structured theoretical approach we walk back through your most intense memories with the goal of as minimal arousal as possible. You do not have to relive the feelings of your experience to heal. With narrative exposure I am looking to help you identify your strengths.

Trauma histories in relationships can complicate things. Despite the difficulty relationships with others pose, they are possible and highly recommended! narrative exposure and CBIT can help couples identify patterns in their relationship. I also use PACT theories and interventions to encourage emotion regulation and reduce reactivity. Don't let overwhelming feelings get in the way of having a relationship.

Working with Couples/Partners

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I believe it is my duty to treat and support couples and families. I use PACT theory and interventions as a base with couples and families. In addition, I use attachment theory, psychodynamic and CBIT approaches. Sessions are highly experiential and somatic. I prefer to see couples and families in person so we can use the room and spacing to create experiences. I also provide this service via tele-health.

        Professional Background

Kathryn Krug is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in San Diego, California. She is the President and CFO of the San Diego Chapter of Marriage and Family Therapists Association and an adjunct associate professor of Sociology at Vincennes University.

Kathryn graduated from California Baptist University in 2010 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with emphasis in Life Span Development. She went on to graduate from University of Phoenix in 2014 with honors as a Master of Science in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy.

She has over 7 years’ experience providing therapy for couples, families, and individuals. Her counseling approach is person-centered and psychodynamic. Every session is tailored to meet the needs of the client. Kathryn has a certification in case management and PACT level 1. She holds a certification in clinical trauma for individuals and is a certified compassion fatigue professional for caregivers and burnout for helping professions.

Potential Clients

Do you struggle in your intimate, personal, or professional relationships?

I enjoy helping others work through their internal patterns and processes to uncover the “why”. I specialize in helping individuals and couples reach secure functioning. I work with clients to help move past words and identify root issues. I believe EVERYTHING has a reason. If you do too, schedule an appointment and let’s figure out what’s going on.

I provide FREE consultation to identify our potential to work together. Ask me all your questions and see I am a good fit for your needs. 

Michelle Park, LMFT

Nice to meet you! Welcome. I am glad you have decided to get more information about services. You are not alone and you are in the right place. Take a look around and if you decide therapy is for you, or your child, call or schedule an appointment online.

Michelle Park LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California with over 9 years experience providing services to parents, families and children. Michelle graduated from with a bachelors in Psychology from UC Riverside. She then went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Counseling with a specialization in marriage and family child counseling . Michelle is Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy trained. She has 5 years experience providing treatment to children as well as families. Michelle also has experience in assessments and reports pertaining to IEP meetings. Michelle also has 5 years of experience working with adults who are diagnosed with severe and persistent mental health illness.


Potential Clients

I utilize multiple modalities to see which works best while working with clients. My goal is create an approach that reaches each individual with where they are in their current situation.

I enjoy working with children, adolescents and families with the goal of providing them with the necessary tools to navigate life. I also have experience working with adults who are diagnosed with depression and anxiety.