Counseling at any Stage

Do you have a relationship that is not working?

Feeling trapped by the emotions and arguments?

Does your partner threaten to leave all the time?


It's normal. Albeit, some things are not healthy, most of them are normal. It is also normal to reach out and seek help. Couples counselling can be used for all sorts of things and at any stage of a relationship.


Your relationship does not have to be in a position of despair for therapy to help! Therapy can help to make a good relationship great. Therapy can help take a relationship to the next level. Therapy can also be a place we bring our issues to light.


Having healthy relationships is a part of being healthy ourselves. When our relationships are not right, it can throw other things off balance. Constant arguing, or constant stonewalling. Embarrassing trips that end in disaster or not speaking for weeks on end. However it happens, sometimes our relationships can become painful. Getting help is a sign of love and respect.


Check out our commonly asked couples counseling questions below to explore more.








  1. Can you fix my partner?
    1. Short answer? No. Long answer? At counseling SDC we used an attachment and systemic based approach. So technically yes your partner might change but you will also learn a lot about yourself along the way too.
  2. What does it mean "homework"?
    1. Occasionally, your therapist might ask for you and your partner to take an exercise home and try it. The most important part of most exercises is the attempt and not really weather or not you did it right.
  3. How many sessions does couples take?
    1. Couples counseling can be completed in as little as 5 sessions. This depends on the needs of the relationship and the goals for therapy.



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