Individual Services

Let Counseling SDC help you navigate through the many relationships in your life.

  • Do you have anxiety or depression and experience relationship difficulties because of your symptoms?
  • Have you ever tried to approach a new love interest about your mental health and it was unproductive?
  • Do you struggle to define your place in relationships and set boundaries with others?

We want you to set boundaries and identify the needs you have for your relationships. Increase meaningful interactions or decrease the impact of interactions with people in your life. Whether it is someone you have known for years or a new acquaintance you are trying to get to know, have the confidence to know you are worthy of friendship and love. 


Cognitive behavioral and interpersonal therapy explores the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When experiencing conflicts with others there are internal personal factors at play. With an Counseling SDC professional learn how patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors affect your ability to connect to and maintain relationships with others.


There is nothing "wrong" with a person who struggles to connect with others. It is normal to second guess people’s intentions. It is okay to be confused when trying to gauge if a relationships is right for you.


Kathryn is smiling at the camera in a park with trees leaning over a wooden railing

Kathryn Krug LMFT

Michelle is looking at the camera smiling with brick wall behind her.

Michelle Park LMFT


Feel empowered and take action steps toward the interpersonal relationships you desire. 

Learn how to address boundaries with others using compassion.

Increase your ability to control emotions that get in the way of the relationships you deserve.