Parenting Support

Parenting Support

Counseling SDC is owned and operated by two mothers. We know what it is like to work full time and wrestle with the demands of a child who is experiencing their own needs. After all this time, it is still so easy to forget that they are their own person with goals, dreams, expectations and thoughts. Our children are so strong willed, knowledgeable and young. And despite of, or because of, those things children are up against many battles these days. 


No matter your relationship status, having children is a challenge. If there are 2 or more people involved in raising the child and making decisions, that is the parenting relationship. You do not have to be romantically involved to be an active part of a parenting relationship. From communicating with a parenting partner(s), to being consistent with rules, there are endless pitfalls into argument and discontent. Child-rearing is one of those, albeit cute and sometimes chosen, Importunate Factors which have huge impacts on your interpersonal communication and relationships. 


Your parenting relationship must, first and foremost, be strong. 


At Counseling SDC we do not provide advice in our sessions, we focus on counseling the parenting relationship and increasing the health of the primary parenting relationship(s). In turn, the work we do with you and your partner(s) gets dispersed back into the family unit through organized, calm and united parenting. You and your parenting partner do not have to agree with each other’s every child rearing opinion. But you must agree to present your child with a consistent message and approach. 


Why is parenting support necessary?

  • Reinforcing rules and setting boundaries for a child
  • Behaviors are not the only factor at play 
  • Open communication and create a safe place  
  • Your adolescent might be experiencing things you have never experienced before 
  • Cultural, religious or lifestyle differences 
  • Child with dangerous, aggressive or bullying behaviors