Dive Into Counseling

Dive Into Counseling

Dive into Counseling …

That is a lot easier said than done.


Of course, most people tepidly point a pinky toe into counseling trying to get a feel. Maybe they never get to the part about making the appointment. Maybe they schedule the appointment and go but do not continue for some reason. Just making the decision to get more information about counseling is difficult. Then you finally decide to get some help and the counseling process is totally foreign; especially compared to seeing a medical doctor. How does talking to someone about our problems help us? That is a common skepticism of relationships counseling. Just having more information about the process of counseling can help you feel more in control and give you ways to prepare. I acknowledge you for getting more information here today. Getting more information about relationship counseling is a sign that there is a relationship you value in your life. Seriously considering it and looking into how it might fit your needs is an act of love. I am confident the information you find here will help you decide if relationship counseling is for you or your child.



At Counseling SDC, we know one big barrier to counseling is the mystery behind it all.


Therapists with Counseling SDC are focused on the cognitive behavioral and interpersonal aspects of your relationships (see more about our therapeutic approach here). We take a unique approach in specializing our treatments toward creating the relationship experience you deserve. This includes each counselors personal relationship with every human we provide services to. We know this begins with providing as much information as possible about the process of counseling. In this series, we will break down some basics about each aspect of counseling. Starting with initial contact, the first session, middle sessions and all the way through the last day of counseling.


“Out of a mountain of despair, a tone of hope” -Martin Luther King, Jr


Counseling. The word has several connotations. Hearing it brings up emotions and thoughts, good or bad. At some point in your life, there has been an event or circumstance that has been completely out of your control. It is the response and internalization of the event that stays with us forever. Relationships bring constant flow of experience and circumstance to our lives. As we grow older, relationships also take on different meanings. Some of the relationships experiences are impactful and they become imprinted upon us. No matter the age, race, religion, gender or sexuality interacting with other people is a vital part of being human. Seeking counseling to repair relationships with the people you love is an act of love in itself. Anyone can benefit from relationship counseling but that does not make it easy.



“Initially, relationships are spontaneous but the longer they last, the more conscious we must become of them.” – Krug



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